We use a variety of training techniques to help you get quick improvements in fitness.

We can make improvements in your endurance, your ability to maintain the high intensity bursts that squash demands and your power to get on and off the ball.

We train you with individualised programs to suit your specific needs. Just as no two squash players are exactly the same, their programs shouldn't be either.


Getting faster through moving more efficiently and understanding your body's angles to generate the most power will get you using less energy and prevent you from injury in a game or practice.

Training this in doesn't have to be mind numbingly painful through repetitive ghosting training. We use techniques and equipment to get you to feel the correct movement patterns and train them in over time in a range of different ways that are actually FUN.


Enhancing your speed in a straight line and through the typical agility demands of your chosen sport requires development in 4 main areas;

  1. Building inherent muscular power
  2. Ability to quickly achieve efficient angles
  3. Coordination and general efficiency
  4. Developing an attack mentality

We take a practical approach to improving you across each of these.

At Shaikhit, we've trained everyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes and we know how to get results.  

Our speed programs start with analysis and bench-marking.  Once that's done, we develop a tailored training regime, designed to optimise your performance over the 4  criteria.  We supervise check-ins along the way to make sure you're on track and improving.

Recommended Commitment
To really hone your speed, we recommend ideally 2 and a minimum of 1 supervised training sessions a week.