See what our clients say about training with Shaikhit

Selena is a legend and I’ve always been jealous of her pace on court. Slowly but surely, through her excellent teaching, I’m losing my reputation as a slowcoach.
— Christine Nunn
I don’t train, but if I did, it would be with Shaikhit. I’d probably smash it too by the way,
— Sam Ejtemai
Before I started training with Shaikhit, I had no idea what I was capable of. They made me.
— Lewis Doughty
Hablo todo el tiempo acerca de cuán grande es Shaikhit .... en realidad , me encanta hablar . Voy a ser una superestrella , ahora que he entrenado con este equipo . Gracias a todos y lo más importante , gracias por darme el apodo Cholula !
— Cholula
I will be there one day
— Taylor Horton
Why can’t I train with you guys?
— Jacob Oates
Please stop hassling me for testimonials.
— Mike Corren